Team Building

Fun culinary journey for your team

Team Building
Fun culinary journey for your team
The most popular team building format in Bucharest
Culinary team building events
since 2017
36 000
Guests attended our cooking party since 2017
Guest satisfaction
A delicious & fun party that your team will never forget
We organize your party from А to Z
Welcome buffet
Cooking master class with 3 dishes
Unlimited soft drinks
Chef, Bartender and Event Master
Fun activities and games
Great add-ons
Cooking is fun. With us you learn to cook international dishes, but in the same time you have lots of fun. In short, we turn cooking into a super party. We bring the world's cuisine to you. That's why we are known as the culinary Disneyland.
Let's start your amazing culinary journey
Food and drinks
Party themes
Games and activites
Choose sets according to the recommendation of the chef or the menu from three collections: premium, elite and grande.
Pick a theme.
A culinary evening can be cozy or a crazy party.
Choose from games and activities to add variety to your cooking class
But what about the photographer, cake and decorations? Choose whatever you need
Cherry on the cake
Choose your preferred menu set
450+ dishes from all over the world
Top menu sets specially created by our chefs
Now lets choose your
Party Theme
Choose a theme to create an unforgettable experience for your guests.
Cooking is fun
A full fledge cooking party. Be ready to make the longest pasta and a sexy pasta competition. You can also personalize your event, from Oscars to Dinosaurs party, your fantasy is the limit!
Sabotage Kitchen
Teams compete against each other in a cooking competition, forget fair play and be ready to sabotage each other.
Mystery Box & MarketON
Uncover the secret ingredients and compete in preparing the most delicious dishes for our Chef to taste and choose the winners!
Games and activities
Ice-cream show
A spectacular ice cream show that will definitely collect all the likes.
Wine Quest
A blind tasting of delicious wines orchestrated by our wine specialist. The opening of each bottle is accompanied by a quiz about the characterisctics of each wine.
Our bartenders are professional showmen. They will entertain your guest with a flaring show, while making delicious cocktails.
Cocktail Master-Class
A Cocktail taste even better when you did it yourself! Our bartender will guide your team in an engaging cocktail making sessions.
Guess the Melody
Challenge your colleagues in a super cool and engaging activity, where basically you have to guess different songs that we will play for you. You can choose from up to 3 rounds, with 4 different categories and 20 songs per each round.
Test your team's general knowledge with our fun Trivia QuizOn. We will have questions from different countries about cuisine, wines, cocktails, art and culture. The game will be played from your phone and the questions will be visible on the streaming screen.
Giant Flaming Tiramisu
Are you ready for a giant flaming tiramisu? Our professional chef will prepare it right in front of you and the process is amazing!
More extras for your event:
Photo Booth
Make your event memorable with fun pictures and props!
Capture the best moments of your event. CulinaryOn professional photographer will ensure everyone will have memories of the time together. Included are professionally edited pictures.
Personalized Aprons
Surprise your team with a personalized CulinaryOn apron. You can add your company logo, create a team name or simply add their name.
DJ and Karaoke
Music is at the heart of every party. Book a DJ for your evening and engage your guest with a fun karaoke session.
Our studio
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3 studios + 1 VIP room + 2 conference rooms