CULINARYON Cooking Events
Virtual Culinary
For everyone, who stays at home
How do we do it?
Event flow and event hosts
What do we cook?
Special menu for your own resturant at home
What is the price?
price options and why it is different
Virtual Culinary
For everyone, who stays at home
Help to bond your team, that is tired of working from home.
Virtual Culinary events will turn the boring daily routine into exciting culinary journey. Together with our Chef we will cook with your team members: everything from delicious menu to a great variety of games and your special corporate news and announcements.
Up to 1000 guests at the same time
We organize on-line streaming events. All you need is a laptop or your phone.
On-line streaming of entire session
The entire session will be in a format of live streaming and also will be recorded.
After the event you will enjoy recipes and video record.
Dinner for an entire family

Every participant will be cooking for an entire family. Our portions considered of min. 2 persons.
How to organise
Virtual Culinary event?
1 step
Let's choose the menu for your Virtual Culinary event
We will start from on-line voting. We will set up a poll for your participants, where each team member will make a choice of main dish and desert.
Your team members can select dishes that they would like to cook with the Chef.
Otherwise, you can also make a once choice for everyone - it is up to you.

All participants will get the list of ingredients from our Chef before the event and will be able to purchase everything in their closest grocery shop.
2 step
Let's prepare event flow including your special requests
Let's create a unique event, so that our participants enjoy a customised approach and feel special.

Possible activities:
  • Make and special corporate announcements
  • Social media contests, where participants will post their dishes in social media with unique #
  • Organise thematic quiz for your participant
3 step
Let's get ready for a Virtual Event
Several days before the event we will set up a web-page for your participants, where they can find following information:
  • Time and date of the Virtual event
  • Menu
  • Virtual Event flow
  • How to communicate during the Virtual event
  • Chef and Virtual event hosts
  • Virtual event flow and other acitvities (optional)
4 step
Live streaming - the PARTY TIME!
We will start the live streaming at the agreed time. All that the participants need to do is join the session from the webpage, that will be shared with them several days before the event.
5 step
After-party: recipes, video record of the event
After the Virtual event each participant will receive from us a video record of the event and recipes they cooked with chef
Let's choose the menu
Main course and dessert (Version 1)
More products
Starter and main course
More products
FIT CLUB: Main course and dessert
More products
FIT CLUB: Starter and main course
More products
Let's choose some games for your Virtual event
While it takes some time for your main dish to get ready we will play games with your team.
One game is already included in standard option. But don't stop yourself and check how else we can entertain your team members.
Chef Sabotage
Objective of the game: to challenge chef or the host with difficult tasks, like: to cook using one arm only or to cut using a dinner knife. Everyone will get the challenge :)

What do we need for this game?
Any coins that you can find at home
Mocktail Master Class
Objective of the game: learn how to make delicious mocktails

What do we need for this game?
Juices, tonic water and syrups
Guess the song
Objective fo the game: to guess the song name

What do we need for this game?
All your knowledge about songs of all times!
Objective fo the game: to answer intellectual questions

What do we need for this game?
Your knowledge and logic.
Price options
You may select any suiatable option to make this Virtual event memorable for your team! At your special request we can play as many games as you decide to choose!

Ask your CulinaryON Sales Manager for pricing options

Max number of participants: 1 000