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CulinaryOn Christmas
Gift Box

For you to enjoy at home with your entire family.

CulinaryOn Christmas
Gift box
For you to enjoy at home with
your entire family.

Create your own Traditional Christmas Gift Box

Now you can personalise your Christmas Gift Box to make sure it will satisfy your entire team needs.

Our amazing Chef's prepared 3 homemade menu sets for you to enjoy at home, that you can combine with one of our special extras.

Choose the menu

You can choose 3 traditional menu sets
Mangalita Delight
lipova delight
transylvania delight
Pork Terrine

There are two main ways a terrine can be served. More often than not, it is sliced into thick slices once it is cooled completely. The hefty slices will be served alongside gherkins, or cornichons, with a little chutney or relish, crusty bread, and butter.

Chocolate Truffles

Homemade chocolate truffles are named after truffles because of the striking resemblance with the original truffle mushrooms. While one is the expensive fungus that grows underneath the oak trees, the other Is the intricate chocolate ganache coated in tempered chocolate as a chocolate coating.
Romanian "Carne la Garniță"

Slow cooked pork meat in lard or "Carne de porc la garniță" as Romanians call it, its a delicious traditional recipe made in the homes of peasants for hundreds of years. It is the best way to preserve the meat for a long time, immersed in lard.

Or confit, as foreigners say.

Our recommendation is to heat it in pan and serve it with polenta and garlic sauce or pickles.
Homemade Biscuit Salami

Biscuit salami its the dessert made from cocoa, broken biscuits, butter, eggs and sometimes alcohol such as port wine or rum.

It may have originated in the 70s and Romanians call it the dessert of their childhood, but it is very popular across all Europe in different variations.
Homemade "Zacuscă"

Zacuscă is a vegetable spread very popular in Romania and Moldova.

The main ingredients are roasted eggplant, onions, tomato paste, and roasted "Paprika Pepper" pepper. Some add mushrooms, carrots, or celery. Bay leaves are added as spice, as well as other ingredients (oil, salt, and pepper). Traditionally, a family will cook a large quantity of it after the fall harvest and preserve it through canning.

Zacuscă can be eaten as a relish or spread, typically on bread. It is said to improve in taste after some months of maturing but must be used within days of opening.
Homemade Romanian "Chec"

One more reason to fall in love with the Romanian Cuisine.

Chec - pronounced somewhere between "cake" and "kick", this word is borrowed from the English. The most accurate translation however would be sponge cake.

This traditional Romanian sweet bread studded with rum-laced candied walnuts, makes a delicious dessert, breakfast bread or simply a treat-time snack.

Now lets choose some

Wine Bottle
You can indulge your colleagues with a bottle of wine from our collection. Our team will make sure to recommend the perfect food-wine pairing.

World tour of spices - Gift Box
Take your team into a journey around the world through 15 countries and their spices. We will send a box with 15 different spices and 15 recipes, one for each spice.

Culinaryon Aprons
Surprise your team with a beautiful CulinaryOn apron. You can personalise it by adding your company logo, create a team name or simply add their name.

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