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Lunguine with pesto sause
4 portions
Egg 3 pcs
Parmesan cheese 50 g
Semola flour 100 g
Basil fresh 70 g
Wheat flour 180 g
Lemon juice 15 ml
Pine nuts 60 g
Sea salt 20 g
Olive oil 320 g
Vegetable stock 140 ml
Garlic 15 g
Basil fresh 15 g
Step-by-step recipe
Step 1

Make the pasta dough:
Mix semola and wheat flour
together on the counter top.
Make a well in the middle.
Step 2
Crack the eggs into the well
and mix slightly.
Step 3
Start gradually mixing the flour
into the eggs with a spoon.
Step 4
When all flour is mixed in, put
the dough together with your
hands and start kneading. At
this point the dough is sticky, it
is normal. Just knead it for 5
more minutes.
Step 5
Wrap the dough in plastic
and set aside to rest.
Step 6
Using the pasta rolling
machine roll out the dough,
starting with the thickest
setting, number 1. Flour the
dough so it doesn't stick to
the rollers. Fold the dough in
half and roll again on the
same setting. Then set number
2. Roll again. Don't fold this
time. Keep rolling the dough
until you rich the setting
number 4.
Step 7
Using the cutting attachment
cut the pasta into linguine
shape. The pasta is ready!
Step 8
Make the pesto sauce:
Remove big stems from the
basil. Put the basil leaves, pine
nuts, garlic and cheese into
the food processor. Add the
olive oil, lemon juice, salt,
some ice and blend the
sauce till smooth.
The sauce is ready!
Step 9
Bring a big pot of salted water
to a boil and cook the pasta
for 2 minutes.
Step 10
Heat the pesto sauce with the
vegetable stock in a skillet
and add the cooked pasta to
the pan. Cook for 2 minutes.
Serve the pasta in a pasta
plate, decorate with fresh
basil leaves.
Enjoy your meal!
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