Online Cocktail Masterclass!
Welcome to CulinaryON online cocktail masterclass. Whether from your home, office or any other location we are ready to deliver you a unique and engaging experience. You don't have to do anything except having fun!
We are waiting for you on 10/09 at 18:30

Let's make exotic cocktails together. Get ready, mix, shake and have plenty of fun!
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cocktail masterclass

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Get ready for a fun, engaging and exciting cocktail making experience with your CulinaryON Dreamteam
What to expect?
18:30 We start. Get ready! Positive attitude is the key.
18:35 Introduction
It is time to learn what we will do. Our Head bartender will share the history of the cocktails you will make today and also will share some of his mixologist secrets
18:50 Ready?
Check that you have all you need!
Prepare the glass, ice, shaker and garnishes.
We provided shakers, spirits, sodas and juices you need to get the other ingredients!
Now make sure your arms are warmed up for the shaking and let's rock&roll
Now let's start with the cocktails!
CulinaryON Head bartender Youvan & our Dreamteam will take you through the secrets of cocktail making. You all will be a bartender for a day

Meet the Team!
Youvan Valendino
CulinaryOn Head bartender & mixologist
HI my name is Youvan and i will be your mixologist for today. I am originally from Indonesia and worked behind the bar for 15 years in different clubs, hotels, luxury resorts in Bali and in other cities in Indonesia. I'm very passionate about bar culture and flaring. In 2016 I moved to Romania and in 2018 I joined CulinaryON great family as Head Bartender.
Ema Petrascu & Denis Toader
Event Manager
Ema & Denis will be your DreamTeam taking you through the cocktail masterclass in a fun, engaging and witty way!
What cocktails we will do today?
We will prepare two exotic and refreshing cocktails with you!

Below you will find a list of ingredients and garnishes we will use today!
  • Absolut Vodka 40 ml (provided by CulinaryON)
  • Bran visinata 30 ml (provided by CulinaryON)
  • Blueberry juice Granini 150 ml (provided by CulinaryON)
  • Fresh lemon juice 20 ml
  • Fill up top schweppes Tonic water (provided by CulinaryON)
  • 8 ice cubes
  • 1 whole lemon
  • Method: pour & shake
  • Glass :Highball glass or Long glass
  • Garnish: Round lemon slice
  • Jim Beam whisky 50 ml (provided by CulinaryON)
  • Disaronno Liqueur 50 ml (provided by CulinaryON)
  • Fresh lemon juice 50 ml
  • 10 ice cubes
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 spoon white granulated sugar
  • 1 egg white
  • Method: pour & shake
  • Glass: old fashioned or whisky glass
  • Garnish: Round lemon slice
"The secret ingredient to any cocktail is creativity & a pinch of madness! Don't forget to bring it with you. See you soon"
Youvan Valendino
CulinaryOn Head bartender & mixologist