Christmas Party
Especially prepared for ZENITVA
A traditional ZENTIVA event, celebrated in an innovative way
A special celebration for kids and families
Ho Ho Ho Santa Says...
CULINARYON offers a full day celebration divided in 3 sessions enabling to create a more personalised and memorable experience
CULINARYON has three interconnected studios that will be operated simultaneously in each of the day sessions (Morning, Lunch and Afternoon). Children will be hosted in dedicated rooms according to their age group (0-6 / 6-12 / > 12 y.o.) together with their parents.
Why the event is conveniently split in three sessions:
Flexible timing
9:00 to 11:00
12:00 to 14:00
15:00 to 17:00
Higher service
By having smaller groups we can guarantee higher guest focus
More personal space
The rooms are not overcrowded
Experience targeted to age group
We will be able to provide to all age groups truly hands on experience keeping in mind their needs
Higher attendance
Parents by being able to select the preferred time slot have no excuse not to come.
Ideal flow and options
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Santa Claus welcomes you
Guests are welcomed in CULINARYON by Santa Claus and they are assigned to different rooms according to their age group
Bring Ginger cookies to life
What is more classical than decorating Ginger cookies at Christmas with your kids? Stimulate creativity in a traditional and playful way. Parents and kids will be baking & decorating ginger cookies together.
Rainbow pasta making
Cooking with kids is among the most precious moments in family life. Under the guidance of our expert chefs kids and parents will be involved in a hand on pasta making session.
Everyone get ready to eat your tasty pasta :)
A lot of work has been done and it is now time to savor the pasta around the chef table. Parents and kids will be eating the rainbow pasta they made together; no-one goes hungry!
Santa Ice-cream Show
Combining Taste, Magic and Science with our Nitrogen Ice cream making show.
Toddlers Enetertainment
Toddlers and the parents will enjoy the spacious conference rooms.
CulinaryOn will set them up comfortably with special toddler-carpets and will provide suitable games & activities. Families will spend a wonderful time together. Everyone in CulinaryOn will have a memorable Xmas party no matter the age!

Gran Finale:
Balloons Air Mail to Santa
It is time to say goodbye and to send Santa small notes written by each kid via Air Balloons Mail. All the kids will be asked to release balloons into the open sky
Additional ideas to add magic to the event
We can add fun and memorable moments to the event... fantasy is the only limit
Face painting
Balloon making
Photo Booth with Santa
Finger food
About the venue
Before we start, let us describe through images why CULINARYON is special
Soseaua Pipera 48, Bucuresti 020112

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