CULINARYON Cooking Events

Create your own hand painted
christmas globes.

PaintOn Globe Painting
Gift Box
PaintOn Globe Painting
Gift Box

Create your own hand painted
Christmas globes.

What do you get in the
PaintOn box:

Provided by PaintOn:
  • 3 globes: 2 big and 1 smaller
  • Acrylic Colours set
  • Colour pallet
  • 12 brushes set

Now lets choose some

Wine Bottle
You can indulge your colleagues with a bottle of wine from our collection. Our team will make sure to recommend the perfect food-wine pairing.

World tour of spices - Gift Box
Take your team into a journey around the world through 15 countries and their spices. We will send a box with 15 different spices and 15 recipes, one for each spice.

Culinaryon Aprons
Surprise your team with a beautiful CulinaryOn apron. You can personalise it by adding your company logo, create a team name or simply add their name.

This is how the video tutorial looks like:

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