Open air team building events.
Art Parties.

The season for outdoor parties is here! It's time to celebrate and spend some joyful time together. Bring a positive mood to your team or friends by organizing a fascinating, creative and engaging evening where you will cook together under the guidance of our chefs and have plenty of fun!
PaintOn Outdoor Art Party
We take care of it all!
Our experienced team will take care of all the aspects of the event from A to Z, you don't have to worry about anything.
Everyone can paint!
Our experienced artist will guide your team step by step, ensuring that everyone will be able to paint a beautiful picture.
Let's make it fun!
Make things even more interesting!
Add one or more of our extra-activities, that are super fun and engaging.
Amazing Outdoor Verandas
We bring PaintOn concept to you on some of the most exquisite outdoor terraces in Bucharest.
Let's celebrate outside together!
Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest
Enjoy the classic elegance offered by the Athénée Palace Hilton Hotel, one of the most emblematic buildings in Bucharest, located in the heart of the city.

The terraces offer the charm of an oasis of peace and greenery in the urban agglomeration.
Crowne Plaza Bucharest
Located in a convenient location, close to the business centre of Bucharest, Crown Plaza Hotel has an amazing park that includes a small bar and a covered terrace.

This is the perfect place to organize your event if you want to feel close to nature.
Ramada Parc Bucharest
Located in the northern part of Bucharest, in the most prolific business area of the city, Ramada Bucharest Parc Hotel offers an elegant and cosmopolitan terrace, perfect for our events.
Enjoy our exquisite finger food
60 RON per person.
1. Caprese alla genovese
2. Tortilla with ham & cheese
3. Vegetable tartar
4. Chicken meatballs with mustard
5. Spring rolls
6. Homemade pate
7. Mini calzone
8. Salmon club
9. Crunchy shrimps
10. Daicon salad with salmon
Starter Buffet menu:
It's time to choose your painting:
More products
More products
Now let's add some additional activities to your event:
Choose one or more additional activities to make the event even more unforgettable.
Cocktail Masterclass
70 RON per guest

Become a bartender for a night. Learn the secrets of mixing your own cocktails with CulinaryON professional mixologist. Get ready to Mix & Shake!
Open Bar + Food Package
Upon request

Ask us and we will provide you with the right package made just for you.
Ice-Cream show
70 RON per person

Experience the magic of ice cream making with Nitrogen. A never seen before the show that never fails to mesmerize everyone.
Giant Flaming Tiramisu
90 RON per person

Are you ready for a giant flaming tiramisu? Our professional chef will prepare it right in front of you and the process is amazing!
40 RON per guest

Test your team's general knowledge with our fun quizzes. How does it work? Our chefs will ask your team different questions during the event and the person/team who has the most correct answers wins.
Guess the Melody Challenge
40 RON per guest

Challenge your colleagues in a super cool and engaging activity. You have to guess different songs that we will play for you. You can choose from up to 3 rounds, with 4 different categories and 20 songs per each round.
Sabotage Kitchen
70 RON per guest

The most awesome activity choice if you're up for amazing fun and competition. Teams compete against each other in a cooking competition, forget fair play and be ready to sabotage each other.
70 RON per guest

Сreative activity. A team and a captain challenge the others in market bidding followed by a cooking demostration. The market opens. Bid at the auction for ingredients, tools, recipes and … a mysterious special. Create, cook and plate the best dish.
Wine Quest
120 RON per guest

A blind tasting of delicious wines orchestrated by our sommelier. The opening of each bottle is accompanied by a quiz and by the story about the terroir, history and aroma of the wine.
More extras for your event:
Let's personalize your event.
Photo Booth
Upon request

Make your event memorable with fun pictures and props!
1,200 RON

Capture the best moments of your event. CulinaryOn professional photographer will ensure everyone will have memories of the time together. Included are professionally edited pictures.
Personalized Aprons
145 RON for Adults / 90 RON for Kids

Surprise your team with a personalized CulinaryOn apron. You can add your company logo, create a team name or simply add their name.