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Pasta alla carbonara
4 portions
Pancetta 210 g
Parmezan 48 g
Olive oil 45 g
Salt 10 g
Cognac 25 g
Pepper 4 g
Egg yolks 4 pcs
Eggs 4 pcs
Vegetable stock 200 ml
Semola flour 100 g
Parmesan cheese 80 g
Wheat flour 180 g
Parsley fresh 8 g
Step-by-step recipe
Step 1
Cook the pasta dough:
Combine two types of flour
and heap on a working
surface. Make a well with a
bowl. Try to make walls of the
well very even.
Step 2
Beat eggs into the well.
Step 3
Whisk eggs slightly with a fork
and start adding flour
gradually from the sides to the
Step 4
When eggs and flour are
combined, start kneading the
dough with your hands. It will
be sticky and uneven first, but
continue kneading for 5 min
till it's smooth and no longer
Step 5
Form a ball and wrap the
dough in food plastic. Rest for
15-30 min.
Step 6
Roll out the dough using
pasta machine. Take a small
piece of dough and form a
flat disk. Dust with flour. Then
roll it through the attachment
reducing gradually the width.
Continue till the dough sheet
is 1,5 mm thick. Dust with flour.
Step 7
Cut the pasta sheets into
spaghetti using pasta
machine. Form spaghetti
nests and dust with the flour.
Step 8
Cook pasta in salted boiling
water for 2 min. Drain, but
don't rinse.
The pasta is ready!
Step 9
Thickly slice pancetta.
Step 10
Heat the olive oil in a pan and
quickly fry pancetta until
slighlty browned. Add the
cognac and carefully light it.
Step 11
In a separate bowl mix the
yolks, cheese, hot vegetable
stock and pancetta.
Step 12
Add the cooked pasta into
the bowl and mix.
Enjoy your meal!
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