Invitation at CulinaryOn
PROMO party
promo invitation for 2020
Let's celebrate the party in the most fun & extraordinary way
date 13.05.2020, starting time 19:00
Special invitation for
PROMO party
You are cordially invited to live an extraordinary experience at CulinaryOn Bucharest, "The Disneyland of culinary schools", where together with our professional chefs, you will have the opportunity to explore and discover a unique universe of gastronomic experiences - all complimentary.
Fun, engaging and 100%
hands-on cooking
You will be engaged in an interactive culinary class, where you'll meet a lot of interesting people, you will take part in various activities and you'll have a lot of fun along with CulinaryOn team
Food at CulinaryOn is so good!..and that's because we don't just cook...we dance, we celebrate, we enjoy!

The invitation is for 2 persons, please just confirm your attendance and let us know the contact details of the other guest.
PROMO party at CulinaryOn means
Dinner with delicious dishes
Interactive activities
Networking with new people
PROMO party at CulinaryOn is
authentic and engaging!
Soseaua Pipera 48, Bucharest 020112

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