Online Cocktail Masterclass
Whether you are at home, your office or any other location we are ready to deliver you a unique and engaging experience. You don't have to do anything except having fun!

We can't wait to see you on the 20th of April at 18:05 Bucharest time.
Let's make some exquisite cocktails together. Get ready to mix, shake and have plenty of fun!
Event flow:
Get ready! We will start soon
Before we start please make sure you have all you need. We provided you with a shaker, spirits and juices. You only had to prepare the ice, garnishes and a glass. (check the ingredients list below)

Now warm up your arms because we are gonna shake!
Our Event Master will introduce you into CulinaryOn's world while the bartender will share with you some of his secrets and present to you the cocktail we are going to make today, adding some of his mixologist secrets.
Let's Start mixing! Positive attitude is key here
Our bartender will guide you through the process step by step and our Event Master will follow too since they will do the same cocktail together with you.

You will become your own private bartender!
Enjoy your cocktail!
Once the cocktail it's ready, you need to show it to the camera so everyone can see your work and enjoy it together! Take some nice pictures for your Instagram, but don't forget to tag us too :)
What cocktail we will do today?
We will prepare one cocktail with you, namely:
  • Transylvania Love
And one mocktail:
  • Coco Jambo
Below you will find a list of ingredients and garnishes that we will use during the event. Make sure you prepare the ingredients and ustensils that are not provided by CulinaryOn.
Transylvania Love

Provided by CulinaryOn:
  • Rum Dead Man spiced
  • Visinata Bran
  • Sour Cherry juice
You need to prepare:
  • Fresh lime or lemon
  • Ice cubes
  • For garnish use a slice of lime or lemon and fresh mint leaves if you have.

Provided by CulinaryOn:
  • Orange Juice
  • Peach Nectar
  • Mango Syrup
You need to prepare:
  • 1 egg
  • 1 lemon
  • Ice cubes
  • Whisky glass
  • For garnish, we will use fresh basil leaves or a slice of a lemon.
"The secret ingredient to any cocktail is creativity & a pinch of madness! Don't forget to bring it with you. See you soon"
Cristi Sopos
CulinaryOn Head bartender & mixologist
Meet the Team!
Cristi Sopos
CulinaryOn Bartender
Hi my name is Cristi and I will be your personal bartender for today. For many years I've worked in prestigious clubs, hotels and cruises. I'm very passionate about bar culture, flairing and mixology. In 2017 I joined CulinaryON's dream team as Bartender. Let's have some FUN together!
Event Manager
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