CULINARYON Cooking Events
Online Beer Tasting
For everyone, who stays at home.
Online Beer Tasting
For everyone, who stays at home.
CulinaryON has a proven success record to bring people together even if physically separated through our amazing Online Team Building Experiences.
3 reasons why you should choose us:
Up to 1000 guests
Depending on the platform you choose, we can engage up to 1000 guests at the same time. All you need is a laptop or a phone.
Online streaming
The entire event will be in live streaming format. We can also record the event and send it to you for the team to enjoy later!
Endless activities
Your team will actively explore & learn about cuisines, wines, spirits and art from different continents, countries and regions.

We will taste together 3 different craft beers

Our Beer Specialist will guide you through the steps of proper beer tasting. Also, he will share interesting and useful details about:

  • The history of Romanian Craft Beer
  • Description for every beer style and the story behind each brewery
  • Food pairing suggestions for each beer type
You will become your own private beer specialist for the night!

What will be delivered:

Provided by CulinaryOn:

  • 3 fresh Craft Beers
  • One beer card and one taste card for each beer
  • Snacks: Grissini, Parma Ham & Nuts

Let's add some extra fun to
your event

Test your team's general knowledge with our fun Trivia QuizOn. We will have questions from different countries about cuisine, wines, cocktails, art and culture. The game will be played from your phone and the questions will be visible on the streaming screen.
Guess the melody
Challenge your colleagues in a super cool and engaging activity, where basically you have to guess different songs that we will play for you. You can choose from up to 3 rounds, with 4 different categories and 20 songs per each round.
World tour of spices - Gift Box
Take your team into a journey around the world through 15 countries and their spices. We will send a box with 15 different spices and 15 recipes, one for each spice.
CulinaryOn Aprons
Surprise your team with a beautiful CulinaryOn apron. You can personalise it by adding your company logo, create a team name or simply add their name.