The largest culinary
studio in Europe
About us

We stage tailor–made experiences.
Much more than just a cooking school, we are international edutainment center
and a premium event space.
Events and Classes
•Corporate and private events

•Master Classes

•Kids and adults B–days
Our Venue
•200+ guests

•3 Cooking studios + 1 VIP room

•Modular event space

•2 Conference rooms

•1300 sq m, the largest in Bucharest

Our Clients
We're proud of our client portfolio
3,5 hrs Hands-On Cooking Experience
Up to 250 guests
Sos Pipera 48 Bucharest

Kids menu
Choose one starter, one main and one dessert
Pizza Сapricciosa

Ham and Mushroom pizza

Quiche Lorraine

Chicken Nuggets

Deep fried spring roll with chicken

Freestyle maki
Meatballs with mashed Potatoes

Mini–Chicken burger with Fries

Ravioli with Ricotta and Spinach

Classic Pasta Carbonara

Pastaalla Norma

Ee Fuu Noodle

Colorful Pasta with Creamy Sauce
Caprese Chocolate Cake with Almonds

Panna Cotta with strawberries

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Lava Cake

Classic Tiramisu

Homemade Cheesecake
Appetizers For kids
•Zucchini roll-ups with cheese mousse and vegetables
•Tandoori turkey in batter with a Sweet Chili Sauce
•Sweet Cream and Blueberry Corns
•Mini Pizza Margarita
•Caprese canape with pesto alla genovese

Do you want more?
Choose additional options
for your set:

•Seasonal Fruit Platter
•Vegetable mix with cheese sauce
•Chocolate fountain 1.5h

Fun party specials
Birthday cake
Magic show upon request
50 or 100
Freak Shakes Master Class
Fun, creative and really engaging event.
Minimum requires 6 participants.
Piazza navona
It all starts with a MAGNET PUZZLE of a CulinaryOn's special recipe.
A fun blasting treasure hunt
•All the children will learn the value of working as a team.

•We set fun EDUTAINMENT tasks for the kids and reward them with the puzzle pieces as they go along.

•Kids collect the puzzle and step by step complete the recipe.

•When the puzzle is completed, the magnets are on the fridge and the team is rewarded!

Minimum 6 children

•Stimulating creativity
•Encouraging hand crafting
•Building knowledge
Ice cream show
Experience the Magic of Ice Cream making with Nitrogen
Super Fun,Unique & Never Seen before
Have Fun & enjoy the show!
Bubbles for kids
Open the bottles & enjoy!
Turn every party into a great party with bubbles!
Open the Magic of Bubbles.

Let the Champagne cork fly high Share the Fun with your Friends!

Thank you!
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George Manolache

cell: +40 726 164 053
CulinaryOn Romania
48 Pipera Boulevard, Hangar 5, District 2

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