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CulinaryOn Spices
Gift Box

A world tour of flavours, all in one box.

CulinaryOn Spices
Gift box
A world tour of flavours, all in one box.

What do you get in the box:

Provided by CulinaryOn:

  • 15 small bottles with spices from all over the world
  • A QR code with a dedicated page where you can find a recipe for each spice carefully chosen by our Chefs. You will also find a list with all the ingredients and the cooking instructions.

Now lets choose some

Wine Bottle
You can indulge your colleagues with a bottle of wine from our collection. Our team will make sure to recommend the perfect food-wine pairing.
Culinaryon Aprons
Surprise your team with a beautiful CulinaryOn apron. You can personalise it by adding your company logo, create a team name or simply add their name.