Virtual Art
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Virtual Art

Join to live-streaming
Virtual Art events will turn the boring daily routine into exciting art journey. Together with our Painters we will create with your team members everything from a beautiful picture to a great variety of games. Just choose your picture and let's create a masterpeace togeter
What will we draw?
How to organize
Virtual Art party?
Preparation to virtual art-party
Lay out and check all your painting materials
Join to live-streaming
Click on the button "Join to live-streaming" on the top of this page or under this timing. The link will be available before one hour before the event.
12:10 – 12:20
12:10 – 12:20
Meeting and introduction
Our Painters introduce themselves and discuss how and what will your team draw.
12:20 – 14:00
12:20 – 14:00
Draw, play and have a team fun
Our Painters
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Show everyone your masterpeace
Publish your photos from PaintOn virtual art-parties, tag and use hashtag #paintingisfun.
We give a gift for the best masterpeace and honour review each month.
Zoom technical instruction
It is important that everyone can interact, see and hear each other.
This allows to follow the process and gives a prompt feedback.
In order to join a Zoom meeting you need:
Mobile phone, laptop or tablet with downloaded app ZOOM
If you have it, please go to the next step
If you haven't it please download ZOOM via Google Market or App Store.

Important: each participant should use only one device, otherwise there can be an echo.
    Sign in
    If you have ZOOM account, you should login. If you haven't any ZOOM account, please sign in and create a new profile
    Videoconferencing will be provided by your front cam. We recommend to use Wi-Fi with a good signal for watching live-streaming. Mobile Internet can be unstable.
    Use music column or dynamics of your device. Your sounds will go through microphone of your device (phone or laptop), please take this into account when positioning the devices.

    Highly recommend charging your device before the event, because virtual art-parties go on for 2 hours.

    We kindly request don't use loudspeaker it can be a cause of the echo!
    Pinned or anchor the screen with Painters in ZOOM
    If it is:
    • your mobile phone, click two times on the screen with Painters
    • your laptop, choose the window with Painters, click on the right button and press "anchor the screen"
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