CULINARYON Cooking Events
Virtual Art Party
For everyone, who stays at home.
How do we do it?
Event flow and guidelines.
What will you draw?
You can choose from a broad variety of paintings.
Extra activities?
Combine your event with our fun activities.
Virtual Art Party
For everyone, who stays at home.
CulinaryON has a proven success record to bring people together even if physically separated through several Online Team Building Experiences.

Let's introduce you to our Virtual Painting Masterclass and support your organization to raise the team spirit towards a new high.

We will turn the daily routine into an exciting painting night. Together with our Professional Painter, you will find the inner artist in each one of you. You can mix your painting night with one or more of our fun and engaging activities.
Up to 1000 guests
Depending on the platform you choose, we can broadcast up to 1000 guests in the same time. All you need is a laptop or a phone.
Online streaming
The entire event will be in live streaming format. Also if you want to enjoy it later, we can record the whole session and send it to you.
You get to keep the painting
Every participant will keep their Master Piece and show case it in the coziness of their home.
Join us! We have already hosted 300+ online parties.
How to organise the best virtual art party?
Step 1
Let's choose the painting
You can choose from a wide variety of paintings recommended by our professional painter. You're not sure what to choose? Don't worry, our team will recommend the best painting according to your preferences.
Step 2
We prepare the event flow together
We will help you create a unique experience for your team, so that every participant will enjoy a customized approach and feel special.

During the event you can make your team special announcements or you can spice up your event with one of our fun and engaging activities:
  • QuizOn
  • Cocktail MasterClass
  • Guess the Melody
  • MoviesOn
  • Wine Quest
We know your team it's special, that's why we can offer you also personalized aprons or a special gift box for each one of them.
Step 3
Can't wait to start the art party?
Waiting time is almost over! *yeey*

Several days before the event we will deliver to you the painting set, containing a brushes set, the acrylic colors set, a color pallet and the canvas.
Also we will set you up with a landing page that you have to share with all the participants. Here they will find all the necessary information to join the party, when the time comes:

  • Time and date of the event
  • Event flow and access link
  • The agreed cocktail/s and the ingredients list
  • Instructions for the extra activity or game you choose
Step 4
Get ready - It's party time!
We are LIVE! Culinaryon, you have the mic'

Find the best location in your house for the camera and make sure we can see you and your awesome artistic skills. We will start the live streaming at the agreed time and we will follow the event flow discussed before the event.
Step 5
What comes after a party? ... The After Party!
What's the point of making new memories if we don't record them?

After the event you will receive the full recording via a link from where you can download it. This way, when you all go back to the office you can watch it with the whole team and enjoy the funniest moments together.
It's time to choose your painting
In order to make sure you will be a real artist for one night, we will send you a painting kit with all the necessary equipments.
What will be delivered:
PaintOn Bag includes:
- canvas
- acrylic paints
- brush set
- palette, paper glass for water
*Optional we can add a small bottle of Prosecco and some homemade chocolate
Let's add some extra fun to
your event
Make your event a memorable occasion by adding one of our activities or a special gift.
Test your team's general knowledge with our fun Trivia QuizOn. We will have questions from different countries about cuisine, wines, cocktails, art and culture. The game will be played from your phone and the questions will be visible on the streaming screen.
Guess the melody
Challenge your colleagues in a super cool and engaging activity, where basically you have to guess different songs that we will play for you. You can choose from up to 3 rounds, with 4 different categories and 20 songs per each round.
Wine Bottle
You can indulge your colleagues with a bottle of wine from our collection. Our team will make sure to recommend the perfect food-wine pairing.
CulinaryOn Aprons
Surprise your team with a beautiful CulinaryOn apron. You can personalise it by adding your company logo, create a team name or simply add their name.